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Discover why using an Ultraviolet light (UV) is a sure way to avoid green pond water. Keeping your pond clear!

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We offer 3 of the leading UV brands for comparing specifications and prices. Our knowledge page and FAQ page are full of articles and common questions that are aimed towards educating the consumer to enable them to make an informed purchase.

Ultraviolet radiation was discovered to be a safe and effective solution for killing microorganisms. The findings resulted in the use of UV radiation as a viable method to treat drinking water. UV's are now used by most Koi pond owners for protozoan sterilization and killing of water bourn algae. The UV light zaps the DNA of the algae as it passes through the U.V. light chamber and either damaging it or killing it from within.

When considering which UV to purchase, keep in mind that the sizing, wattage and flow rate is a huge factor. For UVs to be most effective, your total pond volume should pass through your UV within 3-4 hours. By doing this, the UV has an adequate amount of time to kill the algae as the water passes through.

UV lights offer a permanent solution for eliminating green water. Using chemicals causes fluctuations in the pond environment and offers only a temporary solution. UV lights are also less time consuming and need very little attention. Chemicals on the other hand require constant attention to ensure they're effective.

Finally, one place to acquire the information needed and the ability to compare before purchasing.

Typical pond with no UV light installed
3 days later after installing a UV Light